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The Know-How to Finding a Job You’re Actually Passionate About.

For every student there comes a time in your two/three/four year undergraduate degree where you ask yourself: Is this what I want to do with the rest of my life? … Continue reading

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Five tips on how to network well

In order to get out there and really look for your first internship, or entry-level job, you have to really reach out and network. It sounds like a cliche, but … Continue reading

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Five great organizations looking for you

After the jump, five great organizations to get involved with that could get you great┬áreal-world experience, and be your first coveted internship or entry-level job, if not the path to … Continue reading

August 19, 2013 · 1 Comment

Youth Unemployment: 3 Lessons to Take from It

It can be hard sometimes to imagine, when you look at people who succeed, how hard it was for them to get there, and how that struggle leads to success. … Continue reading

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Four things to never do while presenting

If you heed this advice, it will help you out in your quest to become a better presenter.┬áPresentation skills are always key to any job seeker. They can often make … Continue reading

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10 Decisions The Youth of Today Will Have to Lead

Sometimes, people out there are at a loss for what defines our generation. There seems to be a general sense that the fights of today are not as sharp and … Continue reading

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The Story behind ThoughtBasin

Bio My name is Roger, and I decided to become an entrepreneur because I was tired of waiting for a typical career path to make as much of a difference … Continue reading

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