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You’re Distracting Yourself and You Know It.

I recently had one friend share this rather blunt article with me: [6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person]. And what I’ve come to realize is that the truths are neither blunt nor harsh, they are truths that we, as an entirely blessed and almost-spoiled generation, fail to face or are too scared to face. We all had the fortune of going to university, studying/jerking off on our incredibly sleek Macbooks, all the while being connected to each other on a 24/7 basis off the most innovative smartphones of the past century. Refer to [Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy] if none of this is ringing a bell.

While both articles state the truth, at this point, you’re just realizing the truth – what can you do to change it? To quote the first article:
“Do the math: How much of your time is spent consuming things other people made (TV, music, video games, websites) versus making your own? Only one of those adds to your value as a human being.” 

So here I am to list some of the biggest distractions in our lives:



Yes, your online profile is basically your resume these days but that means updating it professionally AKA. when you have PRODUCED something. People don’t need to hear about your choice of Caesar’s salad over a side of french fries while lunching at [insert local restaurant]. Pictures are encouraged if it showcases aspects of your life that show creativity, spontaneity, adventure, and innovation. In fact social media is so prominent these days that it can be the focus of your production (social media internships, digital media managers, etc.) – that is the only time where it becomes appropriate to spend more than 6 hours staring at Facebook or Twitter. Otherwise, do what you have to do, show what you have to show and get off. It’s not hard. (Don’t become this.)


Viral content, great for blogs and bad for productivity. How often do you see yourself continuously scrolling through #whatshouldwecallme, BuzzFeed, Imgur, 9gag, and countless others, when you really should working on some article or presentation due the next day. Yeah, its great for a nice chuckle and makes you feel that relatable to other people, but unless it’s related to what you intend to produce with your time, that time could be put to better use in other ways.


I am most guilty of this. I like a good show to take me out of my current state of messy affairs. However, what you come to see is that every extra half an hour you’re giving to this product is another half an hour you’re losing to create your own. This also goes for any reason you give yourself to watch TV – painting your nails, eating, your reward for finishing your first midterm. You can admire and hope to one day be Harvey Spector or you can just go out there and be him.


This one is always a touchy subject for people. If you are the 5% of people in this world that become incredibly creative/ productive on certain drugs, go for it. Chance are, though, you are part of the other 95% that become incredibly distracted, lethargic, slow or incoherent when you are on any drug. However, while the main effects last for a certain time frame, the hangover should also be taken into account. Depending on the amount of consumption and the drug taken, hangovers can last from hours to days where you are rendered practically nonfunctional.


I’m not saying ditch your friends and all fun activities so that you can succeed in life. I’m saying there’s a time and a place for everything. If you’re seeing your friends to the point where all you guys talk about are the last couple meals that made you gassy, you’re seeing them too much. I love my friends as much as I love my next meal, but that’s what weekends, girls nights, bro hangs, bar nights, etc. are for. Concentrate all your time and energy on gossip and general merriment then.

“Remember, misery is comfortable. It’s why so many people prefer it. Happiness takes effort.”

Having said all that, it’s all about your ability to time-manage and focus (here are some tips on how.)

Start off the new, less-distracted you by proposing a solution towards problems that companies need solved at It might just be the kickstarter you need to being more productive!


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