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Five tips for how to focus, and get things done for students

Take it from one of our founders, who suffers from a questionable focus, tons of work to do, and little time to do it in, and always has even when he was a student. These are some things that have helped him get through it all. We believe it will help you.

Tips to focus for students.

Tips to focus for students.

1-      Do one thing at a time, maintain yourself in the present.

Often, a lot of us students go into a death spiral where we focus on how many things we have to do, which detracts from the time we have to do something. Instead of spending time reflecting on the past or the future, and how many things we have to do, start doing them one by one. You’d be surprised how quickly it goes.

2-       Make minor decisions quickly.

Should I have a huge bag of gummy worms as a snack or a stack of Snickers bars? Does it really matter? Take one, or both, chow down, and forget about it. Make minor decisions quickly, and don’t spend too much time thinking about them. Maintain yourself in the present.

3-      Make sure you alternate working with rest.

Working many hours straight is actually detrimental because you hit a wall at a certain point: everybody does. Make sure to schedule something fun in between, whether that’s a nap, walking, or blasting music non-stop (more on that later). Student or not, everybody has to have at least a bit of fun once in a while.

4–     Consume products that calm you down and help you focus.

That can of Red Bull? Those cans of Red Bull? Those cans of Red Bull mixed with coffee? Probably a bad idea. Tea on the other hand…

 5-      If all else fails, blast music, and focus on the screen.

Classical is probably best, but anything else could work too…maybe:

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