Connecting students looking to make a difference with organizations looking for difference-makers.

Got a problem? ThoughtBasin wants to channel the youth voice to help your cause

An excellent review on what we do by Brendan & Brendan! e’re looking to build something great with our beta version, and we encourage all feedback, as we build together with our users towards an inspiring experience for all.

Keep Marketing Fun

Although the term “crowdsourcing” was only coined in 2006, the concept has been around since 1714. Its explosion in popularity came with the Internet’s ubiquity, and since then it has helped countless businesses and organizations.

Most people who offer their ideas either have great qualifications, or want to monetize their existing skills. But what about students? They aren’t necessarily the most qualified people, but they are smart and often have a unique point of view. How about tapping that pool?

ThoughtBasinEnter ThoughtBasin.

ThoughtBasin is an engaging way for students to explore different organizations, businesses, and causes, and be recognized and rewarded for contributing solutions to real-world problems. It’s an easy-to-use platform that rewards students for bringing their A-game, academic smarts and general knowledge to companies and organizations who have complex problems.

Companies, non-profit organizations and other businesses can also tap into this creative base to find solutions to their current…

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