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One of our distinguished speakers blogs about our panel event:

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Brendan Sera-Shriar CCO and Co-Founder of Brendan & Brendan has been selected as one of 5 Panelists for a brainstorming session hosted by ThoughtBasin at McGill University September 10th, 2013.

So what’s this event all about?

Co-founder of ThoughtBasin Roger Huang shed’s some light, “In the continuation of our tradition of doing great events to inspire thinking, and innovation on campus comes a panel of Montreal leaders in creativity and innovation at McGill. The speakers are all working on great projects, and they will discuss how they go about creating businesses, ideas, and concepts out of nothing, and what advice they would offer students on campus thinking of breaking into creative fields.”

Brendan joins an all-star panel including Risa Dickens Sr. Community Manager of Yelp, Peter Davison co-founder and CMO of Trendr, Christine Renaud CEO of E-180, and Francis Gosselin co-founder of f. & co.

To learn more about the event and register see

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