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Five great organizations looking for you

After the jump, five great organizations to get involved with that could get you great real-world experience, and be your first coveted internship or entry-level job, if not the path to them! These organizations are looking to engage dynamic, and passionate youth. Reach out to them, if you want to make a difference!

1 (World Economic Forum Global Shaper Community)

Be involved at the forefront of youth leadership opportunities. By becoming a Global Shaper, you could have a voice at the table for some of the most pressing public policy issues there are out there, and have the chance to attend the annual meeting in Davos, where the world’s movers and shakers come to discuss real-world problems.

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

2 (Clinton Global Initiative for Universities)

Be a campus ambassador for a great foundation that is doing great things around the world for youth! Participate in a forum designed specifically for great young leaders to step up and grow their projects, and engage in real-world problems.



3 (Movember Canada)

For those of you who are Canadian, Movember is a very cool bunch, and besides doing awesome things, they hire interns as well! Grow a mustache, or get one some other way, and join the movement!

Movember Canada

Movember Canada

4- (The World Bank)

The World Bank has a mandate to alleviate poverty throughout the world, and is trying to reach out to youth to solve pressing economic, and social problems. Come join them in that challenge they are throwing out to youth, and engage with one of the organizations in the world on the frontier of tackling pressing issues!

World Bank

World Bank

5 (Global Startup Youth)

Global Startup Youth is a program of entrepreneurship for youth. Get many of your costs covered for a conference in Malaysia, meet Barack Obama, and build great things with great people.

Global Startup Youth

Global Startup Youth

Searching for that first internship or entry level-job can be so hard, but reaching out to the world around you, and connecting with these great organizations is how to go about getting the dynamic real-world experience you need to make a difference!

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  1. romitshrivastav
    August 22, 2013

    Really cool.
    You could actually find some more flavor on World Bank on

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