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Four things to never do while presenting

What not to do in presentations!-ThoughtBasin

What not to do in presentations!

If you heed this advice, it will help you out in your quest to become a better presenter. Presentation skills are always key to any job seeker. They can often make or break you for your hunt for a first job, at your first job, and beyond. There are some things simply worth avoiding in any presentation.

1-Make it more complicated than it should be

The biggest mistake in a presentation is to have a Powerpoint that has way too many words and concepts on one slide, or a speech that contains a lot of technical jargon, or complex concepts.

People come into a presentation to watch you present your ideas to them, not to read more than they can handle, or to be lobbed words they don’t understand. Keep it simple.

2-Proceed without structure and signposting

As people who have had to struggle with understanding what you have to say would say: “what?”

The best presenters are those who get their point across, and communicate a message to their targets. Visual aids help immensely in order to help you organize where you are so that your message resonates clearly, but don’t become over-dependent on them. If you don’t have something that tracks where you are (again a problem of having complex slides), it would be best to clearly signpost (I will cover point 1, 2, and 3), and then make clear transitions between these topics (This is a good time to start talking about point 2). Having a clear structure is key to getting people to listen to what you have to say.

3-Showing up to the presentation day without practice

In order to be confident in what you have to say, it’s best to practice, practice, practice. Sometimes, it is as simple as that.

4Not taking the effort to look nice, and to make the presentation look nice

For the sake of your audience and your message, try to make your presentations look appealing (having a lot of beautiful pictures, and little text is key here, so they always pivot back to what you are saying), and dress well, so you can deliver a sharp message, on-point, to as many people as possible in your target audience.

We hope these tips help! ThoughtBasin is all about getting students to solve real-world problems, and giving them the toolkit to do it. Check us out at, and share us if that’s something you think is worthwhile!


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