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Introducing Wali, an ambassador with a story to tell


Wali, the ThoughtBasin ambassador.

Some stories are best told simply.

Once upon a time, in the peaceful and chocolaty planet of Mars, lived a curious and adventurous weirdo. His name was Wali, or as his friends used to call him, Wall-E. He got word of a young and aspiring new planet known as Earth. With his desire of expanding his mind, learning new things, encountering new species, tackling a different life, and to accomplish a task that shall be remembered by each and every member of this Galaxy, for thousands of millennia. He embarked to this unknown globe. His life, his story, is just beginning. Words cannot describe the adventures he has already had, and pictures cannot show the moments he has lived. Yet, his greatest story, the greatest chapter of his life, is yet to be written.

For those of you who are wondering, yes, I am exactly as weird as the story above. However, there is some truth to it, for those keen enough to find it. I have a wide variety of passions and interests, and it seems unfair to talk about some of them, and leave out the rest (Maybe I just can’t decide on what my greatest ones are) however, there is one thing in my life that I have held onto dearly, something that might just define who I am. If you tweak a little bit of what John F. Kennedy once said, my life would be according to the statement, “Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for them.” I mean, after all, the literal meaning of my name is a friend, and who will I be, if I can’t be who I am?

You’ve already read so much that you’re probably too tired of my nonsense, before I even tell you what I like about ThoughtBasin. I hope that isn’t the case. The thing I love the best about ThoughtBasin is that it allows people a chance to show their skills, creativity, and relative experience, on an actual, real life basis. Whatever you have done, and whatever is written on a paper, may be well and good to a certain extent, but how can one person be judged, from a list of over 200, from what they write on a piece of paper. Until and unless one can realistically show that he/she is capable, what good is that sacred piece of paper? I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to bring about this new form of revolution. Join me in the cloud!


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2 comments on “Introducing Wali, an ambassador with a story to tell

  1. ImiK
    July 31, 2013

    heavy level of the devil

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