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Introducing our Ambassadors—Nicolas

Another one of our awesome pirates. Nicolas can introduce himself quite well.


One of our ThoughtBasin ambassadors, Nicolas. A student looking to make a difference for other students!

“My name is Nicolas Glaudemans and I am a local Montrealer. I am currently a U3 student in the Joint-Honors in Economics & Accounting program.

I would say that my passions are: Problem solving, Theater, Sports, Comedy and Helping People.

I joined ThoughtBasin because I strongly believe in the company’s vision of creating winning scenarios for all stakeholders. My experiences with ThoughtBasin have truly been amazing; my colleagues are really fun, smart and passionate individuals! I have grown a lot through my experiences with ThoughtBasin.

Personally, I am very excited to be working with ThoughtBasin this year. We have many awesome events planned and we cannot wait to meet everyone during the upcoming year!”

We hope you guys can really grab how excited we are to provide you all with a platform where you can practice your skills, and get rewarded and recognized for following your path to a dream career. We are really looking forward to the fall, come join us on this great adventure!


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Dreaming about helping other people to dream.

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