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Four things to never do when pursuing your dream career


On our quest to continue helping you along to finding your passion, and sticking with it, we at ThoughtBasin want to tell you of some things to avoid that we’ve been stung by on our path towards pursuing our passion. We hope you learn from what we’ve done wrong!

1-Don’t focus on just the money

Money is a means to an end. It’s important to think about it in this day and age, but not everything should begin and end with how much you’ll get out of anything in terms of the numbers. Would you rather be living to work, or working to live? A meaningful career path where you’ll be happy and be able to grow is in many ways more important then the money. We’ve structured the company around that philosophy, after realizing that there was so much more than money that truly motivated most people.

2-Don’t think that you’re above it all

It’s important to realize that in order to truly pursue something you love, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. And yes, sometimes those sacrifices involve things you’d rather turn down because you think you’re above it all. Everybody has to start somewhere. Mark Cuban, the current owner of the Dallas Mavericks among other things, was a bartender, then a software salesperson who got fired for closing a deal on the side rather than opening the store in the morning. His rooming arrangement was him and six other guys in a three bedroom apartment. You have to start somewhere to make it big.

3-Don’t close yourself off from others

You’re not alone in your problems, and those who seek help, give help. Put yourself out there, and good things will happen. In our best “Social Network” guise, we had a period of time where we couldn’t reveal the idea to anybody without getting them to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We didn’t realize how weird that made us look, and how much we were missing out. Most of what ThoughtBasin was built on was great, frank conversations with different people offering different perspectives.

4-Don’t give up

Never give up on what your true passion is. Eventually, you’ll make it. Anything worth fighting for today is worth fighting for tomorrow, and even though it might seem like nobody cares, work hard enough, and people will. There have been so many times where we’ve had setbacks where we’ve been tempted to shut ThoughtBasin down, but we’ve stuck through it, and now great things are happening. If there’s something you truly want to pursue, don’t give up on that dream.

Finally, to give you guys a bit more—

5- Never settle for the expectations of others

Always go above and beyond. Why settle for four things? Isn’t five just a little bit better? If you really love what you are doing, always go above and beyond the call of duty, and make it show in what you do. People will naturally gravitate towards you, and you’ll be able to do what you love, and thrive because of it.

We hope these lessons help you as they helped us. We at ThoughtBasin love writing about this stuff, but we’ll love it even more once we launch in the fall and connect you with the possibility of exploring many diverse organizations in the hope of finding one that could propel you to your dream career.  If that sounds like something that appeals to you, follow us at this blog, share, and follow and share all of our social media outlets!

As a final parting note, we really want a two-way discussion. What are some things you wish you knew you should never do in following your dreams five years, three years, or even one year ago? 


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