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Introducing our Ambassadors—Jamie

As part of the continuing series on the the jolly band of pirates that are looking to make a difference for fellow students (we had a look at Ibrahim previously), we bring you one of our ambassadors at ThoughtBasin, Jamie.
“My name is Jamie (Jaehee) Lee. I’m currently a U1 student majoring in marketing and minoring in communications study. My origin is South Korea and I spent my teenage years in Montreal and Ottawa.
My passions are: brand management, advertising, media, technology and graphic design.
I joined ThoughtBasin because I was interested in exploring a marketing role in a creative, talented and collaborative work environment. Furthermore, I have faith in ThoughtBasin‘s growth potential and its vision of acting as a bridge between young, brilliant, and fresh-minded students thriving to explore and participate in real world problems and companies eager to find new innovative minds and talents via easily accessible paths.
I am honoured and excited to be part of the team this year, especially at a point in time where we are heading towards incredible opportunities to grow and advance. I am happy to be working with such a diverse and experienced team and I look forward to fulfill my role in promoting our company successfully!”
Jamie, like all of us, is passionate about helping you find a way to go about following your dream career path by developing your skills, and demonstrating them. All of us can’t wait until ThoughtBasin¬†launches this fall so that all this will be possible in a fun and dynamic setting that will reach plenty of hiring organizations!
Let us know what you think about us, and ask yourself if this is the kind of venture you want to join. If so, comment below, or shoot us a line at

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