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An example of how to get a dream job: filming with Wyclef Jean

Montreal is a city of dreams, and we’re not the only dreamers here at ThoughtBasin. It’s one thing to put some tips out there, but another to see how they could apply to a real-life situation. We want to make that easier for you by providing an exclusive, behind-the-scenes real-life story of someone who went out and followed their passion.


We met up recently with a friend of ours, Patrick Barbeau, who started talking about how he went around getting his dream job: shooting a music video for Wyclef Jean with co-director Carl Apollo. They created the video for Real City from Wyclef’s mixtape “April Showers” together. How did they even go about doing this?

First, they knew their passion, and they knew where they were headed. Both saw that their passion was filming, ran their own studios, and got great doing what they love to do: filming.

Second, they networked like crazy to be able to be in a position to reach Wyclef, and be able to tell their story to the right people. A friend of theirs actually approached them about shooting a video with Wyclef! It speaks to having the right people around you, and pursuing your passions—great projects do happen for people just based on them being great at what they love.

Thirdly, they created their own dream job. They created their own luck by having a great story, great passion, and great results. Patrick has been working exclusively day in and day out for the last two years on learning all there is to learn about film, and refining his skills, and creating films that were attractive and dynamic. By having a great portfolio, and by doing what they loved, they created so much positive energy that it got all the way to Wyclef.

Theory is all good and nice, but it’s also about seeing how to go about executing those tips that really matter. Here at ThoughtBasin, we believe students and youth can not only have dreams, but they can follow them too. This is a real-life example of someone creating their dream job, and we hope it helps you visualize how you would go about finding your dream job.


You can reach out to Patrick through his LinkedIn profile.

What are some stories you guys have of you, or somebody else, crafting their dream, following it, and achieving it?


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