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Introducing our Ambassadors—Ibrahim

Over the coming days, we’re going to be breaking down what we’ve learned doing this startup, and what lessons we’ve learned that could help you start your own business, or find that dream job.

The first bit of any good story, however, has to start with an introduction, so that story will be interwoven with a little bit about the people behind ThoughtBasin, and what we aim to do. One of the people involved is Ibrahim, who can introduce himself, and why he got involved in ThoughtBasin, quite well.

Ibrahim Photo

One of our ThoughtBasin ambassadors, Ibrahim. He is someone who is happy to make a difference for fellow students!


My name is Ibrahim Gabr. I am currently a U2 Honours Political Science Student from the UK!

I would say that my passions are: Current Political Affairs (Boooorrrinngggg), Improv, Stand Up, all of the interwebs, Game of Thrones, all things British and all other things that allow me to release my inner geek!

There are 2 primary reasons as to why I joined ThoughtBasin.

The first reason can be all encompassed in a favourite quote of mine:

“Work with people you like and believe in and who get you revved up. The rest will fall into place.”
-David Tisch

Upon joining ThoughtBasin I was welcomed into such a diverse and energetic family that was constantly pulsating with creativity – I found myself thriving in this new environment.

Secondly, the process of creating the foundations to build ThoughtBasin into something incredible has not been without it’s obstacles – the entire team is working at different levels and with different businesses who in turn have their own teams, all doing great things. It’s this ability to engage meaningfully with many interesting teams and businesses in a single day that makes ThoughtBasin the startup and job for me. I love it.”

There are great things to come for ThoughtBasin and I am honoured to be a part of it all.”

Ibrahim is a student looking to help other students make a difference, as are all of us. We’re going to be sharing what makes us tick, what we’ve learned, and what can help you out along this adventure of ours to get to where you want to go. Make sure to check out ThoughtBasin and share this blog if you want others to gain that insight!


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Dreaming about helping other people to dream.

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