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Three tips on how to get your dream job


To every student out there who is struggling with trying to find themselves on the right path to a career, or really these days, a job of any kind, we feel you. This is why we started this platform. We wanted to give students a voice that proved that they were better than unpaid interns, placeholder figures for the latest dramatic piece on youth unemployment, or gas pumpers.

Through it all, we’ve picked up three key tips on how to pursue a job you truly love, rather than having to settle for the job you like, or outright detest.

1-Make sure you know what you love, and follow it

Sit down and reflect on what you really want before you grab at anything out there. Remember, money is a means to an end—happiness is what you’re after.

Envision as clearly as possible what would make you as happy as you can be, and go out and reach towards that vision.

2-Network, network, network. Never close yourself off to any meeting, and create meetings.

One time, one of our co-founders met with someone they thought would never be able to contribute to the ideas he had, despite what he thought was his better judgement. What could a professional who worked for others contribute to an idea held together by people working for themselves? Lo and behold, they had great ideas and insight to add on, and, on top of that, a network of people who could contribute significantly. Every time you choose not to listen to someone who wants to help you out is a missed opportunity.

The ideal isn’t receiving every meeting that comes to you though. Ideally, you should create them. Make a list of people you want to reach out to, and try it out. Craft your message as one of someone who wants just a little bit of help to take that next step towards your clearly defined goal (see 1). Most people who have achieved their goals love to help others to do the same, and quite a few will be receptive to a chat or a coffee—and who knows where that might go?

3-If your dream job doesn’t exist, create it.

That sounds simple, but it is probably the hardest thing in the world to actually execute on. The simple truth is that you’re never going to be able to do everything you love in every way you love to work unless you start crafting your own position or your own organization. This doesn’t mean you have to start a company. What it means is that you should train yourself for what you truly love, and even if that dream position at that dream company doesn’t exist at the moment, make yourself so good at what you love that you can sell someone on the premise that they need someone like you, or failing that, you get so good that you can create your own enterprise.

We hope some of the lessons we’ve learned help you. Reach out to us at and follow this blog and the platform at for a better chance at getting that dream job you always wanted, by building up your skills and experiences in a fun and dynamic fashion.


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